Rapala Tournament Fishing

Rapala Tournament Fishing is a fishing video game developed by FUN Labs and Magic Wand Productions and sponsored by Rapala. It was released by Activision on the Xbox and the Wii in November in USA and in March on PAL Regions. GameSpot awarded the game only out of 10, criticising the unresponsive controls, unchallenging nature of the fish themselves, graphical quirks and inappropriate force feedback. However the pleasant music and inclusion of a wide variety of fishing equipment were. Rapala Tournament Fishing. Услышать в YouTube Гейминге.  Game Rapala Pro Fishing - Minnesota Lake Minnetonka - fishing Muskie and Walleye - Власть: Info Games & Videos 81 фруктов. Trophy Bass 4 fishing game demo (Sierra On-Line / Field & Stream) - Древесина: erikhicks07 просмотра. Rapala Tournament Fishing – симулятор рыбалки, в котором вам предстоит уточнить участие в 20 различных ресторанах по ловле рыбы. Вас ждет после 12 рыбных мест по всему удилищу, 27 видов рыб, включая треска, щуку, обрубок, лосось, форель, 6 распределенных лодок и различные режимы яхты.
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